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Druid from World of Warcraft

Hey all! Would really appreciate some critique on my Tier 2 Druid from World of Warcraft (its the one of the right in the photo if you're not familiar). This is the best photo I have, but I can take specific pictures of the costume itself it that helps.

I know of the following things and I'm currently working on them:

-The arms aren't supposed to be black, so I'm finalizing those and working on my gloves
-The tabard is being attached directly to the dress as I had issues of it flopping around
-Had some leaves falling off/gaps. I know this is a problem, but I'm not sure of a quick way to solve this. Each one is currently sewn on at the top of the leaf, but I need a better way to make them stick in place without sewing the entire leaf on (way too much time)

Any other pointers would be greatly appreciated. This has been over a year in the making because each Con shows me something I want to fix on it :P

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