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Pokemon 2013

I'm surprised there isn't a thread for this yet!

I will be cosplaying Lorelei from the Elite Four with Bruno by my side. (If anyone else is cosplaying another member of the Elite Four it would be so awesome to get a picture. =D)

Anyone else planning some Pokemon cosplay? Gijinkas, trainers, fursuits, and anything else Pokemon related, come on down!

I would love to plan a Photoshoot, but I think it would be best if everyone agreed on a certain day and time. We still got a long way to June though, so don't sweat it, just talk about your Pokemon cosplay for now!

Location: The Red Docks
Time: 12 PM
Day: Sunday

FunnyValentine: Lorelei from the Elite Four
Zouziias: Lt. Surge or Team Plasma Grunt
chrono4281: Elesa or Cynthia
BruisedBlood: Trainer Barry
KensukeX: Brock
Sastis: Gary Oak/Blue
Crabcakes: Lolita!Emmet
proud_otaku: Ash(First Season Version)
~Veyda_ZZ~: Zangoose
Mandraix: Leaf (with Blue)
KillerWhaleCake: Tracey Sketchit
Naiya-sama: Female Trainer
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