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Anime Expo 2013 Cosplay Chess


Hello one and all! Welcome to the official Cosplay Chess thread for Anime Expo 2013. Also be sure to follow us on FaceBook for more information

What is Cosplay Chess? Cosplay Chess is a game in which the cosplayers are used as the pieces for an epic chess match controlled by their Mighty Kings!! The game itself is played out just like a normal chess match. The players will make their moves on a regular chess board and then the Pieces will move to the corresponding locations on a large scale chess board which they'll be standing on. At each confrontation the attacking piece will have a "Battle" with its target. We hope you'll come to watch, or if you think you can meet the call to arms sign up to play!

For Those of you who want to Play as pieces
Below is a link to download the application. Inside are all the rules and information necessary for applying. Please make sure to read them.


Please be sure to READ the application and then fill out all blank spaces at the end and send it in before June 1st.

The Match-ups
Only those who sign up will play. If the roster is full for the game a backup list will be made. The backup list is decided by us as well. If you are going to be in the game, BE THERE EARLY We wanna make sure all things are managed and covered before the game goes on.

Announcers: Maguma, Pretty Sammy

The Game roster will be sent to participants on TBA

Shout Out To Photographers and Camera men
Each time we host the event we wanna make sure it’s documented to be seen again and again! This is a chance for you Con photographers to get some shots in before the matches start. So please stop by and grab a few photos! We’re also looking for someone to film the entire event so please let us know if you’d be interested in documenting for us!

Game Organizers
- Maguma, Pretty Sammy, Ergheiz Zero, Daniel, Jaime
Game Announcers – Maguma, Pretty Sammy
Chess Mat (All questions and comments regarding the mat go to them) - Doragon and Kuroneko
Check In (People who manage the attendance at game. May also manage item check in.) – Ergheiz 0, Serey, Livengood

If anyone has questions regarding these topics, please contact either the corresponding people or myself.


Schedule Things in bold are important times
Day Unknown
???? - Check in Time
???? - Overview of rules and setup
???? - Game start
???? - Game end
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Be sure to sign up for ALA 2015 Socal Cosplay Chess!!! Click here!!!
Come check out Socal Cosplay Chess on Facebook!!! Click here!!!

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