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~On tech rehearsals, I never really got a straight answer as to whether costumes are required or simply recommended. It also didn't say anything in the paperwork I filled out. I wore my costume for rehearsal both to be safe and so I wouldn't be late to Workmanship judging, but could they clarify whether costumes are required for tech rehearsal?
I'm sorry I didn't make it clear, though I tried to if it was me answering. Costumes are not required for tech rehearsal, but I highly recommend bringing any large or cumbersome costume pieces (hoop skirts, wings, crazy shoes) as well as any props that need to be set, just so you aren't surprised and know how much room you take up.

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~Halftime: It was likely just my nerves, but I felt like Halftime dragged on and got a bit tedious. Any chance of doing videos/slideshows of past Masquerade performers, to break up things a bit? I saw the cosplay videos from prior ALAs, and thought that was a nice touch.
I try to mix it up every year, so that it's not the same halftime twice, and I make an effort to keep the show interesting. I'm always looking for new halftime entertainment, so if you (or anyone reading this) knows or is part of a group that would be interested in performing at the Masquerade, drop a line to masq(at) I'm sorry that the halftime wound up running a little long - I forgot to divvy up prizes while the judges were deliberating, so I had to do it after the awards were printed and ready to go. I plan on having a better plan of attack for next year, and every year tends to be better than the previous. My goal is that you don't even notice that it's been an hour since the judges left, because you're enjoying the halftime show so much.
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