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In addition to our regular judges (3 judges on the Presentation panel and 2 on the Workmanship panel), we had additional Guest judges giving out their own awards. The Costumers Guild West (CGW) sent a group with the intent of awarding a Costume College Scholarship (aka membership), and they went through the Green Room discussing workmanship with the contestants. As Shawn Crosby explained during the awards ceremony, their intent was to give their award to an up-and-coming cosplayer: someone who showed great promise, but still had much to learn and would benefit from the class-driven educational programming and atmosphere of Costume College.

Because I was not in the Green Room while they did their judging, I do not know if this was explained to the contestants in their one-on-ones; you can be sure that I am going to be speaking sternly to the CGW representatives if they decide to follow the same interview and award procedure at future ALA Masquerades (it was a very last minute addition to the show this year, so I was not adequately prepared). That said, it would make sense for those judges to have apologized, as their goal was to recognize potential, not maximum skill, and thus those more experienced costumers would not be the target recipients of their award.
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