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Please be assured that the CGW's and other guests' awards had *NO* influence on the ALA judging panels. The Costume College Scholarship winner was chosen independently, and even I did not know who won it until it was announced during the awards ceremony. (As I was with the judges through the entire judging process, I can assure you that that knowledge was not brought into the room, much less into the judges' decisions.) No entry was passed up for being too experienced, too awesome, or too well assembled in favor of recognizing a lesser entry. (If anything, I wish I could give every entry an award - I thought the show was *fantastic* this year, with excellent entry after excellent entry crossing the stage.) I stand by the awards that the ALA judges presented, and I know that much care and thought went into their deliberations.

I apologize for the manner in which our guest judges behaved, and I will make every effort to ensure that such miscommunications are avoided in the future. I would be more than happy to address individual concerns regarding the judging, either here or if you email me at masq2013(at) The integrity of our competition is of utmost concern to me, and I don't want its reputation tarnished by a misunderstanding.

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