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Originally Posted by sweetcracka View Post
Hello! I'm Rachel, and I am trying to find something simple to do for my first cosplay. I've been wanting to try cosplaying for a long while now, I just can't figure out something to do. I do not know how to sew, but I can definitely learn(: I'm open to crossplaying, wigs (although my hair is pretty thick and long so I dunno how id get it up in the wig), contacts, whatever. I wear glasses and have contacts but I can go without them if needed. I'm 121lbs, 5'6", have hazel eyes, and long wavy-ish brown hair that has subtle blonde highlights (extremely subtle).

Here's mah face:

And here's the rest of me:

Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated! :3
Sorry for all the double posts eveytime i posted it said it wasnt added then they all showed up at once. @ Rachel I think you would make a great Serah Ferron from Final Fantasy XIII-2. Her outfit is pretty simple to and really cute!
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