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Originally Posted by FaireGoddess View Post
I'm sorry I didn't make it clear, though I tried to if it was me answering. Costumes are not required for tech rehearsal, but I highly recommend bringing any large or cumbersome costume pieces (hoop skirts, wings, crazy shoes) as well as any props that need to be set, just so you aren't surprised and know how much room you take up.

I try to mix it up every year, so that it's not the same halftime twice, and I make an effort to keep the show interesting. I'm always looking for new halftime entertainment, so if you (or anyone reading this) knows or is part of a group that would be interested in performing at the Masquerade, drop a line to masq(at) I'm sorry that the halftime wound up running a little long - I forgot to divvy up prizes while the judges were deliberating, so I had to do it after the awards were printed and ready to go. I plan on having a better plan of attack for next year, and every year tends to be better than the previous. My goal is that you don't even notice that it's been an hour since the judges left, because you're enjoying the halftime show so much.
Thanks for the response, Lindsay.

I wish I could remember if you'd said anything about recommending props/costumes/etc. for tech rehearsal, but I really can't. In spite of a good night's sleep the night before, I was having major trouble waking up that morning, so it's entirely possible you might have mentioned it in passing, but it didn't register with me. (I literally did not start feeling 100% awake and ready until about 1:15 or so, when I was starting to get dressed for my tech rehearsal.) So that may be more me glossing over it than anything else.

As for Halftime, my nerves made it feel about 3x longer than it likely was. I was fine from before Masquerade started up until I was about to go on, then my nerves shot up to around a 7 or 8. It's ironic, because I used to not get jittery when I went onstage for a performance, but it made everything feel like it was happening much more slowly than it was. (I think there were several of us in the Green Room who looked at one another when we saw what time it was and went 'Wow, it's only 9? It feels much later'.) I may see if having my boyfriend bring me a soda or something and sit in the hall outside the Green Room or something during Halftime will help me calm down some for future Masquerades. So again, it's likely more me being jittery and finicky than anything that needed to be done.
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