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When I started cosplaying I had braces

no one really will notice, and I found that allot of people I talked to about it tended to think braces were cute on girls

Still though, while I had them I never smiled with teeth in any of my cosplay pictures

Two tips id give a cosplayer with braces

1.) get light colored rubber bands (dont get white because they turn yellow)
I always wore light blue, light pink, light green, silver is good too
it draws less attention to the eyes and in photos when I had dark purple or black rubber bands it almost looked like I had ink in my mouth

so go with light colors

2.) after 6-12 months they should start giving you chains
if they don't ask for them, or you can ask them to start you on them early
it makes your treatment faster also it covers more of the medal on the brackets and covers the wire

the chains will hurt more at first, but only for a few weeks, also it helps keep some of the wires from cutting up the inside of your lips and stuff
BELIEVE me its worth it

They had me in braces for 6 years ( I went to a cheap shady orthodontist so thats why)

and one last tip, if you are still in high school, tell them you want the braces off by senior pictures/prom
itll help push them to finish your treatment, do not be timid about it, every time you go tell them you want them off by senior year pictures/prom

some of the things they do to speed up your treatment may hurt, but with braces every time they do something to you, no matter what it is, it will only ever hurt for 2-3 weeks
you will be in pain regardless, you might as well have them on for less time

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