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Galleries page for other people to click

Hi, please could cosplay bring back the page called Galleries on the right hand side, so when people search for your costume and click your costume Icon, they can click galleries like it used to be. I have all my costumes seperate under each gallery costume name, though when you click my costume Icons it only shows a few photos which are the first ones I put up for the the making of my costume only and not the finished thing, the only people can see my other photos is to click my I.D name and click photos which off course takes you through all 2000 odd photos I have off all my costumes. I keep telling people to go to my Galleries to click the relevant folder for that particular costume only, but I have only figured out of course they can't any more. I can do it personally from my own page after log in and go to album administration.
But just clicking costumes on the right hand side will only only show a few photos for people to see annd is not the whole load of cosutme photos you have for that particular dress.

Please will cosplay admin listen.

Thanks from
pink princess
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