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Thick Armor - Foam vs Molding

Need help getting a gameplan for this armor:

I've never worked with foam or molds before, but I know foam is squishy, and molding can be expensive. With it being armor... squishy just... doesn't sit well with me. My friend mentioned wonderflex? Looked it up... looks like it's a non-vacuum form of vacuform. Is this correct?
Could I made the shape out of foam, then coat it in wonderflex? Will it be hard?
If it doesn't, will something else do that?

The goal is something I can easily make into those shapes, that will be hard (or at least a hard shell) Easily paintable and preferably light.

Sorry if I sound like an idiot, once again this is all new to me. I've made armor in the past... but not for cosplay.
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