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I havent gone through too much

on my first con my cosplay completly fell apart, and I was over it, It was uncomfortable and I didnt really like the way it looked on me. and it was half held together by safety pins holding up floppy craft foam wings . rushed mistakes like holes in the fabric because I didn't have enough time to put in eyelets
looking back on it ,im like deargodwhy!!!! I cant believe I was in public in that
its been 2 years and I still haven't looked at that costume since I put it away

also I ended up paying $8 for a burrito from a food truck that wasn't that good, and it was super greasy, I dripped it ALL over my skirt, I didn't realize it until it was too late, but I was already callous about the whole situation
I ended up changing into normal clothes after that, then saw Sadie in concert (first concert ever, second row crappy seats in front of the speakers, couldn't hear well for hours after it was over, best experience of my life!!!!)

my poor friend that I was with had a much worse time, she sliced open her had at the beginning of the con,

I was trying to trim the Zip tie on my staff and before I could do anything she whips out a razor blade and cuts TWORDS herself as I screamed
"WAIT no not twords-"

She looked like she needed about 5-7 stitches and refused to go to the hospital, because she was raised with eastern medicine and hates hospitals

luckily im crazy and I brought tons of baby wipes, and a first aid kit with an excessive amount of band aids and bandages in it

I didnt know this till later but she was light headed and on the verge of passing out the whole day
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