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Originally Posted by BetwixtReality View Post
Indeed. I also feel like for a lot of them I'd /have/ to have another person cosplaying a counterpart to do the costume justice. XD I'd consider Uruhi which is pretty jewelry-less, but I really want to avoid long wigs. I just can't maintain those suckers at a con. Hmmm, yeah I now really want to cosplay as Kail but I don't have a Yuri cause no one else of my friends reads this series and they all have their Otakon plans. And.... all that jewelry. Yeah this is very much a 'depending on time and resources' kind of add on to my Otakon plans. But... Argh! I love this series so much! XD
Oh dear God, if you cosplayed Uruhi I would just...I don't even know.

But honestly, just knowing that even a handful of people will recognize who I'm cosplaying makes me happy. I'm kind of expecting no one to know at Ohayocon. XD
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