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Not "funny HaHa" but "funny odd"

My mother hates it, she thinks it's a waste of money and has actually thrown stuff out when she found it.

My Father thinks it's a bit much, but he has no room to talk (and knows it) because he's said if he went to a scifi con he'd cosplay as Spock... he's actually very supportive and loves to see some of the stuff I do. (And has suggested I actually be a semi-pro makeup artist as a side-job)

Funny part: both my parents are very homophobic (my mother more than my father) but when I told my dad I was going to crossplay Rainbow Dash (MLP:FiM) he didn't so much as bat an eye. (of course to be fair he does like FiM - not enough to watch it on his own but he's watched most of S1+S2 with me and enjoys it, plus he has said himself that Dash and my personalities match up almost perfectly... so, it might be that specific character, not crossplay as a whole he accepts --- though I'm not so sure I'll be showing him any pics since I'm really going as far and as realistically-female as I can)

oh and I have a black trenchcoat I wear jsut casually, and my father and I were out one day when I was wearing it and he said I really looked a lot like Neo (from The Matrix) and should think about doing him.
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