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@Furie: Loving the Tink shoes!

Whoa... I haven't posted here in ages! I believe the last thing I mentioned was my dark Peter Pan group... oh dear. That was back in May of last year. D8

Well, the Renaissance Festival went well! Amazing feedback, especially for Tink. My group came together nicely. We weren't as dark as I had originally planned. We were more of an original Pan group. Here are some photos:

Me and Tigerlilly:
Me and Tink:
Just Me:

My fiancee wasn't very pleased with his Hook costume, so I wont post it. We also had a female Smee, but we didn't manage to get any serious photos with her. She's so hilarious. XD We're hoping to do another photo shoot when it warms up.

Tigerlilly is Havenaims on dA. She has a few more photos up on her site that show the details a bit better. She had a giant Lilly hand painted on the back of her costume. She made everything on her costume.

Tink is Pinkibel on dA. She also has a few more photos on her site that show the details. My fiancee helped make her dress and wing harness. I didn't make the wiring, but I did make the rest of the wings.

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