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It depends on how sensitive your skin is.

A lot of times, attacking it with a bunch of different chemicals can actually hurt and agitate the skin more than it can help.

First recommendation is to stop wearing makeup if you do. Like, for at least a week or until things clear up.

A second thing that often causes a lot of breakouts, is if you have bangs and especially if you dye your hair. When you sweat, chemicals from your hair dye get rubbed into your skin by your bangs or wherever hair is touching you. This leads to breakouts as a reaction to harsh chemicals on your face.

My recommendation is to wear a soft headband or clip when you sleep and keep the hair off of your face. Also, make sure to wash your face with a *gentle* cleanser before you go to bed so that the chemicals/dirt/oil already on your face don't get deeper into your pores while you sleep.

Third, often not changing your pillowcase can escalate acne. Unless you have a silk pillowcase, cotton or jersey ones just hold and trap dirt and oil from your skin and hair until you wash them, and that gets rubbed into your face while you sleep.

I recommend replacing/washing your pillow case every time you run a load of laundry (if you do your own) or at least once a week. Even if you have silk pillowcases, wash them once a week.

Use exfoliators a maximum of two days. give your skin a chance to heal from being opened and exposed. Always use a gentle liquid cleanser to wash off the excess exfoliants from your face and MAKE SURE TO MOISTURIZE.
Even though it seems like moisturizing would give you worse acne because acne relies of moisture, don't skip it! It's extremely important to moisturize or else your skin dries out and creates more oil to compensate, making things worse. Make sure your products aren't oil based though!

Lastly, invest in a simple moisturizing mask with preferably antiseptic qualities. This really depends on your skin type and fragrance preference.

Products I recommend:
Ole Henrickson African Red Tea cleanser
-very gentle
-doesn't dry you out
-smells nice but not heavy
-expensive, but lasts a long time

Yes to Tomatoes mud mask and exfoliating cleanser
-Uses lycopenes from tomatoes to clear acne

Best of luck, acne is a struggle but it's one we should fight with gentility.
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