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Another piece of feedback since I know you guys have a mega meeting this weekend. I really feel ALA can do more with the annual theme. Like, this year's theme was Victorian Gothic and Lolita from what I understand...or how it was presented. Instead of just limiting it to one day, why not the whole weekend? A lot of cons in my area (ie: Another Anime Convention) have awesome theme integration .

With that said, the decorations department has A TON of creative minds in there. (IMO, it would make more sense to have a theme department). photos of Lolita coords / Lolita cosplay / Victorian themed cosplay. Perhaps highlight programming around theme? A video room that shows things like Gosick, Petite Cosette, etc? Maybe have a room that has different tables / tea part dioramas where cosplayers / lolitas can pose and photographers take pictures.

Integrating theme into the all day weekend is what will keep programming fresh. I'm not saying all programming should be "Best Practices in Making Big Butt Bows 101" yet, to highlight and integrate the theme more.
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