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Originally Posted by Kimchi_Kutie93 View Post
Yes! The ball is so much fun! but you gotta get in line early! Otherwise the wait is gonna take FOREVER!!!

And Im most likely gonna be Princess Celestia for the ball
I'm glad I did that last year and it was my first time. Been doing that since Fanime's B&W Ball used to be notorious for that couple year's back.

Originally Posted by trmbngrl View Post
I've never gone to the ball myself. Seems like there are too many rules on the dress, and it's not ACTUALLY a ballroom dance. I do ballroom dancing and ugh I'm not wearing a big beautiful dress to GRIND, ya know?
The only dress code I'm not a big fan of is the mask part. Mask what I had to wear at the Masquerade Ball is kind of irritating. But at least there's mask making workshop. You at least do something semi formal. I tend to like to dance with dance partner not in poofy gowns for East Coast swing since they're much easier to dance with and go all out.
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