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Exclamation Fennekin Gijinka wig?

Hiya c: I'm going to probably cosplay a gijinka Fennekin for Otakon 2013, but I can't find a wig that is to my standards.

Here's Fennekin:

And here are some examples of Fennekin gijinkas:

I was looking for a short yellow wig with white tips, or a white under-layer, but apparently that is impossible to find.
I DID, however, find this wig, which I might consider buying and cutting to my satisfaction:

Or, I was also thinking of dyeing a white wig or bleaching(?) a yellow wig.
...can you bleach a wig? I don't think you can, I think that would end terribly.

So, I need suggestions/ideas/opinions/etc.
Have you seen any good yellow wigs with white tips?
Any advice on coloring a wig?
Any advice on anything at all? XD

Thank you all so much in advance c:
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