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Originally Posted by verdatum View Post
Ouch. A properly made fiberglass piece shouldn't crack that easily. And even if you do manage to damage it, the fiber reinforcement should prevent any damage from spreading. Have you tried contacting the builder? They might be willing to repair/reinforce it for little or no charge beyond shipping.
Verdatum...oh gosh. Let's not even get into that XD. When I contacted the builder, I was told to "super glue and paint over it", and that "any kind of paint would do". Now mind you that, although I don't frequent often, I have been cosplaying for ~8 years, and I was very open in telling the builder I was willing to sand/buy appropriate resin/glue/etc to fix the piece if they were unwilling to send a new one....but nope, super glue and paint...that's my magic bullet apparently .

Because this post went through a spam filter and I did not receive replies for some time I took matters into my own hands and bondo'd both the left cracked side and its right counterpart, front and back on both sides. (If this was a huge mistake, please don't rub it in, haha ^.^; as I said I'm new to fiberglassing). Would you all still recommend apoxie sculpt? Ironically, the side that did not break now appears to be increasingly weak; I guess because it doesn't have any reinforcing cheese cloth behind it, like the side that initially broke does.

Also, another question, somewhat off topic but now inevitably relevant to my piece, is it unwise to use spackling paste to fill small gaps in bondo that sanding just doesn't seem to get rid of? A carpenter friend of mine suggested that but I felt unsure.
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