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Originally Posted by MaryRyanBogard View Post
Let me rephrase that: I'm not interested in what other completely different (or "better") wigs are available to buy. I'm even less interested in any cutting or reconstruction (and yes I know that may seem strange to many of you that I'm more willing to deal with dye than that, whatever).
It's still helpful to know what wig you're looking to dye, and for what character. As stated, red dye tends to bleed a LOT so getting a vibrant red most likely isn't going to happen. Second, Five Wits wigs are made with the same fiber as Arda's, which dye pretty well with some things and not so much with others. Third, any styling the wig has probably isn't going to stay through the dying process, especially if you're trying to get red to stick, so you'll have to style it anyway.

People are just trying to help. As stated, red is a hard color and there's a good chance you'll only get a darker reddish-pink, especially if starting with a pale pink.
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