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Kuroshitsuji, Madoka Magica, Durarara!!, Wigs, AND MORE SALE! WTS/WTT

I will not be sending things for the next couple days. I will be very busy and I will not even have the time to send out anything possibly after mid winter. Any previous payments before 1/18/2013 have been sent out. I am a living person and my own priority beside cosplay are much more important. Thank you and sorry for any inconvenience.

I really need these gone since I have no use of these.
  • Long White/Silver Wig
Price- $25.00

  • Short Green with Black highlights wig
Price- $15.00

  • Black Short Wig [Izaya Orihara]
Price- $25.00

  • Madoka Magica Soul Gems
Price- $7.00 each


Made out of air dry clay. Please do note, though these have been coated with nail polish hardener, they are still extremely fragile. I'm not in charge of damaged souls. Be EXTRA gentle with the top of the gems.

All wigs are heat resistant and has only been worn once. Costume has only been worn once. All items come from a smoke and pet free home. I do not accept returns and not in charge of lost damaged items.

  • Trades

Please note, I am a size small. I will not fit in anything in a medium. Yes. I crossplay. I'm a girl if some of you were wondering. It would be great if it is a full costume

Final Fantasy VII (Please tell me which characters you have)
Sayaka Miki [Magical version]- Madoka Magica
Noctis Lucius Caelum- Final Fantasy Versus XIII
Lavi [Third Uniform]- D.Gray-Man
Syo Kurusu- Uta no Prince Sama
Riku- Kingdom Hearts II

Anything else in a size small but please tell me what you have!!!

I am also looking for a better spiked white wig I can use for Kingdom Hearts II Riku. So if you have one, please PM me. If you have any other wigs for these characters (Except Syo since I have his wig), please PM me as well.

  • Payment

Paypal, Money order and concealed cash.

SERIOUS BUYERS ONLY. So many people stopped responding and honestly, if you aren't interested anymore, just say it. Don't keep me waiting just for a reply...

Please PM me. Thanks.
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