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Hello if you don't have a Leo for the Saturday I would love to meet you all and join in. I cosplayed Leo and AUSA in the fall and want to try using the costume again. The costume is the outfit he wears on the cover of volume 16. I also have a Holy Knight book (I based it off the way the cover was drawn in one of the extras of the manga I might make another anime style because it is more well known), costume glasses (my real glasses are too small to be Leo's), and black pistol (the anime Leo's gun is white but in the chapters when Leo is at Sabrie it is black). I have a red cape that I can make into the ones the Baskervilles wear if that would be good. I bought it for that purpose I just didn't have the time to make it for AUSA. I can surely make Saturday, but my sister has classes on Friday at 2pm and she is carpooling with me so unless she skips her later class I will not make Friday.
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