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Didn't my little pony end in the 80's?

I also don't really understand the logic behind "well that show is over so you can't cosplay it anymore." Usually there's still a fandom for that show and enough people that even if you only like cosplaying in groups, you will still probably find enough people to do it with you.

Now, movies I am more understanding of, since they're more one-shot flash in the pan kind of things (unless they're a series of movies), and their popularity usually dies down a lot more quickly. Like for instance, I really doubt we'll be seeing Onceler cosplayers this summer and I'm not sure that planning a Wreck it Ralph photoshoot for the end of this year will be as successful as it would have been a month after the movie...but if you enjoy that character, and your own enthusiasm has not died down, do not let the potential lack of enthusiasm others may have in cosplaying it to prevent you from doing so.
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