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Originally Posted by belligerent View Post
Didn't my little pony end in the 80's?

Yes and No. The series has had 4 reboots since then with mixed success. If you want to be technical, yes, the original series did end, but the Franchise keeps getting revived since it's so profitable (roughly every 7 years - when the kids who grew up watching it are old enough to start having kids themselves) Though the current (4th iteration) has been the most popular due to a severe revamp of the series from writing to animation and the Internet.

Originally Posted by belligerent View Post
I also don't really understand the logic behind "well that show is over so you can't cosplay it anymore." Usually there's still a fandom for that show and enough people that even if you only like cosplaying in groups, you will still probably find enough people to do it with you.
Amusing little story...
When I was younger I loved a series called TaleSpin. Recently I took a trip down memory lane and did some research to try and find old episodes for nostaligia's sake (and for the record the series has aged remarkably well) and found out there is *STILL* a large fandom for the show, which ended in the 90s (and I'm not even going into anime, some of those fandoms are as old as the medium itself, even older if we count manga)
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