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Originally Posted by Rangiku12 View Post
Thank you! I always have a hard time picking a cosplay but your right

And I heard about the remake I'm like oh no I haven't seen the original yet lol though it will be awesome to be watching both.

I am up to cosplay Aisha! I'm not the best sewer in the world so I can't make her outfit. I will see if any cosplay costume site has it or see if I could maybe get it commissioned. Her ears and wig will be no problem to find I hope.
No problem, you'll look great no matter what just because you'll love who you're cosplaying!

There's a few people on youtube uploading the episodes, I watch them now and again to remembered my favorite moments and corny dubbed lines.

I'm not amazing either, myself. But a poncho seems fairly easy so here's hoping I do a good job. One day I'll be a great seamstress and everything from now til then is practice!
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