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Originally Posted by Hazel Chaz View Post
If people are noisy in the halls on the 2nd floor or above, please see if you can let our Ops people know.
Thanks, Chaz, I'll be sure to do that next year if its an issue again.

Originally Posted by Hazel Chaz View Post
It's always hard to strike the right balance. Bigger tables and 25% fewer artists? With the number of artists trying to get in, that would not go over well. Eliminate the dealers room (or cut it in half) and give AA more space? Eliminate AA (or cut it in half) and give Dealers more space? Each year we try to see if there's a better arrangement to how we use our rooms, and each year we have to make compromises to fit it all in.
I know it's hard with a growing convention in such a limited space. We appreciate your work in trying to figure this stuff out, even if we'll probably find things to complain about either way. XD
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