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Big Sister ; Bioshock Cosplay Help Needed !

I'll be cosplaying as Big Sister for an upcoming convention in March, everything is going as planned, except for the syringes on her forearms.

Here's a reference photo ; for some reason I can't attach/upload it to the post, sorry! ; A;

I already have the tubes, I'm just having a hard time making the substance on the syringes. I don't want it to be a liquid, and movable within the tubes. But, I want it to be fixed in place, and for the substance to be see-through, transparent.

I tried getting paint and thinning it out but that hasn't worked.

I was thinking of a liquid plastic, but I know nothing about that, or even where to buy it, and if I can get it in blue & green colour.

Any help is very appreciated, thanks! (:
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