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Wow, haven't been to this thread in a while. And did I say I wouldn't have any new Disney costumes for the foreseeable future (and only had two anyway)? Well, by the end of this year, my total number of Disney costumes will be five. Besides Aurora and Alice, I now have a gijinka loli version of Piglet and a 90% complete Christmas-themed version of Sally from "The Nightmare Before Christmas" currently slated for a Katsucon debut. I may cosplay Sally's regular outfit eventually, but I have too much else this year so it'll be a while. Though of course I'll already have the bodysuit and the wig.

In the meantime, also currently planned for Katsucon this year (also very likely for Otakon if I go) is Jubileena Bing-Bing from "Wreck-it Ralph". Maybe it's the gamer side of me, but I knew I wanted to cosplay someone from that movie before it even came out- the first time that's ever happened. Who exactly would depend on how I felt about the movie, let alone the characters, after I actually got to see it. Then a friend said she wanted to cosplay Taffyta and was interested in a possible "Sugar Rush" group for "maybe Otakon", and once we did see the movie no sooner had we left the theater than my best friend said she wanted to cosplay Vanellope. So that quickly narrowed my possibilities to a Sugar Rush racer, though I debated for weeks before finally choosing Jubileena over my other top two choices.
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