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Link - I'm actually working on that version of her too! I'm going to make it if I don't run out of time before the con

Benihime - She's got a few. The kobold fight outfit (first), her home outfit (white and teal top), her yellow sweater one (there's also a coat she wears over this during the fishing episode), her outfit when she is in KBO early and then her default one.

I have references for 4 of them here (posted it earlier in the thread. She has quite a few just in SAO

So she has what...that's 5 and two of them have cloaks/coats?

fujyoshi - Those are looking great!

So...I've been having nothing but issues with the vest for Kobold fight Asuna. Like seriously. I've been swing for what...over 6 years and a stupid VEST is getting the better of me.....its been a lot of stupid mistakes but by the end of day tomorrow I plan on having this outfit DONE. At least the vest/skirt/shirt. Then I'll also have pictures to show you guys. Still waiting on my wig but it's in the US!!!! And my hubbys Kirito wig should be this way too! I'm so excited!

Also. Totally got my roommates to finally watch it! They're on the last episode of the SAO Arc. GAH! So happy~ Also saw a guild today on Guild Wars 2 called Sword Art Online and my guild that I just joined...pretty much all of them have heard or at least seen a few episodes of SAO. I can't believe how quickly this anime spread! Makes me SO happy!!!

(and again sorry for giant posts! GUH I just can't help but write a novel when I post!)
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