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Originally Posted by Kimchi_Kutie93 View Post
Dude, i was the dj at Akicon. And sorry if the music wasnt "appropriate" But thats what the mc and the rest of the team wanted and it was a majority rule thing
I'm not saying it was your fault as the DJ. I know it wasn't. Pretty much everything about Aki was a mess..That whole con was completely terrible..I didn't actually GO to the dance, and I'm glad I didn't..My roomie went and hated it, and me and my group were were right outside waiting for someone and had to actually MOVE because we didn't wanna listen to it. Staff shouldn't have called it a "masqurade" if it WASN'T even going to BE one..It just shows that they have NO clue how to run anything and that they shouldn't even be doing this sorta thing..
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