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Originally Posted by The~Wind View Post
Maybe a few years ago. But my assistant and I took over before the 2011 convention and we've really worked to turn the Masquerade Ball's reputation around.

My assistant, he does more work on the Ball than I do, chooses a lot of the music. He prefers swing (his favorite dance style), salsa... Things with a great beat, so there will be a lot of that in the play list we have. We also do try to vary it with jazz, waltz, swing, salsa, some more modern music (less than five songs the whole night). We don't take requests, but we always do take suggestions. And we are always looking to expand our music selections too.

If you do have any questions, feel free to drop us an e-mail at

Our current theme for the 2013 year is up on the Sakura-Con website, along with the dress code for this year. I would also like to notify people that within the next week or so, we should have the Dance Host application up. It's a great way to enjoy the ball, especially since we hit capacity so early last year (and didn't expect it).

Don't be shy about asking us (or even me here) things. We'll always try and get back to you within a timely manner.

Hmmmm.... I might go then.
I really DO like actual ballroom and swing dancing (since I'm a performer in a lot of big bands I always get jealous seeing people dance) so yay!
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