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Originally Posted by NekoMimi16 View Post
Only replying to my post. So...Is a badge cap a possibility?
We had a Saturday cap in 2011 and didn't hit it, we had a Saturday cap last year and just grazed it; our cap this year was hit and we loosened it a bit, and later regretted it.

We'll be making an official announcement online shortly.

Originally Posted by ScarletRhapsody View Post
Another piece of feedback since I know you guys have a mega meeting this weekend. I really feel ALA can do more with the annual theme. Like, this year's theme was Victorian Gothic and Lolita from what I understand...or how it was presented. Instead of just limiting it to one day, why not the whole weekend? A lot of cons in my area (ie: Another Anime Convention) have awesome theme integration .
Thank you for the suggestion. We've deliberately had a "Sunday is XYZ day" theme for the last day, to try to give Sunday a little more pep.

Friday has the greatest number of things going on, Saturday has the Masquerade as the big event; the Sunday theme is something to make Sunday a little special with things that aren't happening Friday and Saturday. This year the big centerpiece to our Sunday theme was the Gothic Mad Tea Party.

Spreading it out over the full length of the convention would defeat the purpose.
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