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Red face Fiberglass putty and polyester resin fumes

Hello everyone!
I'm here for two questions
Lets begin about safety
I work with polyester resin inside. I'm using mask with filters that protects against organic and non organic fumes, acids, amoniac and so on, since I don't feel any smell guess I'm protected
Anyway I mentioned that I work inside, and I work in kitchen at the evenings when everyone is sleeping and I leaving open window. Doors closed so when I leave kitchen I don't feel that smell at all, so til the morning while my stuff cures does fumes fade away? I mean is this safe enough to work like that? I'm leaving open window for whole night, but still I'm a bit worried about others (it's winter outside, in low temp resind doesn't cure...) and I don't have much time
Also does fiberglass putty hold as well as fiberglass/resin mix? I want try it since I got it and dunno where I can put it. Nevertheless I will go try, but just wanted to check if someone tried it. Logically it should be strong as it got fiberglass in it
Thanks for the help!
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