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I don't know its proper name in English (please tell me you know it), but it's a simple skirt like this The difference is that Yeul's one is wrapped around the hips 2.5 times instead of just one.
This is the pattern of just half of one skirt, so you'll be cutting this 5 times:
AB is you waist (or hips, according to where you want to wear it) divided by 6.
BC is the lenght of the skirt.
Cut 5 pieces like these, and sew together the BC sides, so you'll make a long piece of ruffle fabric.
Attach some ties at the ends, in order to close the skirt once you'll have wrapped it around your waist.
You should also shorten the part of the skirt that is in front of you.

Also, to gradiet dye fabric like this, you just have to put some hot water, salt and just a little of dye on a large pot, and put almost all the skirt inside, leaving a small part of it outside.
Take it off the skirt, add some dye, and put the skirt in the pot leaving a wider part out.
Go on like this, until you'll dye only the bottom of the skirt with a good quantity of color.

I hope it helped!

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