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Originally Posted by QuestGiver View Post
I'm working on a Skull Kid cosplay from Majoras Mask but it's the most complicated cosplay I've ever done by far and I'm getting really frustrated but I'm hoping too make a journey cosplay too if I have time and funds.
Awesome! I did Skull Kid a 2 years ago and it was a hit. If you break it down it's not so bad

Originally Posted by ShinobiXikyu View Post
Punching my needle through a pair of pleather boots and another layer of pleather is damn hard on my fingers. Even with a thimble. THANKFULLY I'm half done now.
I have never worked with pleather, but I am working with vinyl and I use a knife to pre-punch the holes.
When in doubt: Duct tape it.

Giant Diglett will return!

Possible Future Cosplays:
-Zapdos Original design (humanoid)
-Unown Original design (humanoid)
-Giant Gastly
-Marika Kato - Pirate Captain
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