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Originally Posted by ichigo_m. View Post
I think what your problem is is that these 2 characters have different hair colors.
So one wig won't really work. But if you really only want to get one wig I would suggest getting the first wig, wearing Shura then dying it to match Lucy's hair. (:
Agreed. First wig matches Shura, and the second matches Lucy/Nyuu. Thing is, I think the second one might be a bit too long for Lucy too. Maybe by a hair..... pun semi-intended.

If you aren't going the dye/temp dye route, I would say the first wig regardless. Better a light wig you don't need to trim and have the option of recoloring IF you need, than having a wig you would need to trim or is too dark to recolor.

The thing is too, no matter what, with only one wig, one of your cosplay's won't match colorwise. The problem going that light pink with Lucy is, she is far more known than Shura IMO, so you would probably be called out on that.....maybe. But I am sure I have seen a few light Lucys too.

The choice is yours really.
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Reality: Recycled or no cosplay at all. Got to love commissioning! Thanks everyone!! Serious thanks to Dulcinea, who actually made the deadline for the accessories far in advance and of outstanding quality. Sucks they won't be used.
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