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Originally Posted by SuperBee View Post
I like it! I love World or Warcraft inspired cosplays. I may have to do one in the near future.

I know you mentioned the sleeves, what are you planning to do?

Will you have a weapon? It's been a while since I've played so I don't know if there is a standard weapon or not.

As for the leave, have you tried a type of glue? A super glue perhaps?
For the sleeves I'm trying to follow the model. There is a grey material under the shoulders. Mid arm will be a band of white fur like the belt, and then the rest of the arm is brown. The gloves are supposed to be all wood, but I've just made fake wood bracers as a compromise with brown gloves.

Didn't find a weapon that seems to fit with this Tier that I liked, so I kinda winged it with a random staff. Didn't fit in my car, so it didn't make it to this con. I'll try and find a picture of it to post!

For the leaves, I tried hot glue, but because its fabric underneath, I had issues with my movement dislodging the leaves.
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