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Originally Posted by LadySasha View Post
Also. Totally got my roommates to finally watch it! They're on the last episode of the SAO Arc. GAH! So happy~ Also saw a guild today on Guild Wars 2 called Sword Art Online and my guild that I just joined...pretty much all of them have heard or at least seen a few episodes of SAO. I can't believe how quickly this anime spread! Makes me SO happy!!!
Where is this guild and why am I not in it. *-*

I'm really happy how many people know about it too. I've only heard one person who didn't like it and that's because he hates all animes about video games. Thinks it's a "dumb concept."

Oh well, it really is a great show and it's silly to write it off because of a bias.

Can't wait to see your finished outfit and the wig. What wig did you get?
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