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Originally Posted by Diverselove View Post
Hello Everyone,
In case you don't know, I'm new to everything cosplay. Alright, so recently I heard someone (med student) say that cosplaying is only for teenagers or people who are in their early 20's. And that person also said that once you get older people should give up cosplaying because it makes you look childish and immature.
I want to know if anyone here feels this way or agrees. I don't want to give up cosplaying (psh* in fact I just started) especially once you get a more stable job and make more money than you do when you're in your early 20's. I'm almost turning 25 and want to go to school to become a criminal psychologist{Ph.D.}. And I feel with that profession it will be hard to keep cosplaying and still be taken seriously, if people find out about it.
I do know a couple who are in their 30's who still cosplay but they are both public school teachers, which I feel is a career that you still be taken serious but allowed to not be serious all the time if you do your job.

So I just want to know how anyone feels about this. Is there an age limit where cosplaying can make you look "childish"? Does it all depend on what type of career you have(like being a pediatrician, where you work with children vs. being a cardiologist)?

Thoughts, opinions, ideas. I'm still relatively young so I still have time to start cosplaying if I am going to stop once I get older.
I started cosplaying when I was 38... Yes 38. I'm turning 42 this year and I still cosplay. I'm a Graphic artist and most artist are a little weird, so my profession allows me to get away with it...I guess.
Regardless of your age or profession I say if you enjoy it and it makes you happy who cares what people think. Have fun! Be you...not what people expect you to be.
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