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Okay, so I'm just going to post the information here:

Friday: 6:12 PM
Saturday: 4:13 PM
Sunday: 10:25 AM

Where: Anatole Sculpture Park

Information: Friday and Sunday will be character shots and when it gets closer to the con, we will take pairing and strife requests. Saturday will be strictly character shots with *maybe* a few pairing requests, due to the large volume of people that attend Saturday.
15 seconds per shot, countdown at 5 seconds
Shoot List (pending completion): 1.John 2.Rose 3.Dave 4. Jade 5.ALL BETA KIDS 6.Jane
7.Jake 8.Roxy 9. Dirk 10.ALL ALPHAKIDS 11.John + Jade 12.John + Jane 13.Dave + Rose
14.Dave + Dirk 15.Jake + Jane 16.Jake + Jade 17.Roxy + Dirk 18.Roxy + Rose 19.ALL KIDS
20.John + Vriska 21.Jade + Karkat 22.Dave + Terezi 23.Rose + Kanaya 24.Karkat
25.Aradia 26.Tavros 27.Sollux 28.Nepeta 29.Kanaya 30.Terezi 31.Vriska 32.Equius
33.Gamzee 34.Eridan 35.Feferi 36.ALL ALTERNIA TROLLS
37.Kankri 38.Damara 39.Rufioh 40.Mituna 41.Meulin 42.Porrim 43.Latula 44.Aranea
45.Horuss 46.Kurloz 47.Cronus 48.Meenah 49.ALL BEFORUS TROLLS
50.Karkat + Kankri 51.Aradia + Damara 52.Tavros + Rufioh 53.Sollux + Mituna 54.Nepeta + Meulin 55.Kanaya + Porrim 56.Terezi + Latula 57.Vriska + Aranea
58.Equius + Horuss 59.Gamzee + Kurloz 60.Eridan + Cronus 61.Feferi + Meenah
62.All Cancer Trolls 63. All Aries Trolls 64.All Taurus Trolls 65.All Gemini Trolls
66.All Leo Trolls 67.All Virgo Trolls 68.All Libra Trolls 69.All Scorpio Trolls
70.All Sagittarius Trolls 71.All Capricorn Trolls 72.All Aquarius Trolls 73.All Pisces Trolls
75.Sprites 76.Cherubs 77.Ancestors 78.Guardians 79.Guardians & Descendants
80.Ancestors & Descendants (Alternia Trolls and Ancestors ONLY) 81. Guardians
82.Midnight Crew 83.The Felt 84.Carapaces 85.Hussie 86.God Tiers 87.Tricksters
88.Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff 89.Miscellaneous 90.Fantrolls 91.Any AU


Requested Pairing Shots:
91. Dave + Jade
92. Equius + Nepeta
93. Equius + Aradia
93. Gamzee + Karkat
94. Horuss + Rufio
95. Aradia + Feferi
96. Cronus + Rufioh
97. Dirk + Jane
98. Meulin + Kurloz
99. Roxy + Calliope
100. Meenah + Aranea
101. Roxy + Jane

Requested Strife Shots: N/A
102. Cronus + Kurloz
103. Damara + Rufioh
104. Roxy + Meenah
105. Hussie + Doc Scratch

((sorry it's so long, there is a TON of characters:
also, make sure to bring water or something to snack on if you wish, this is going to be a VERY long shoot))
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