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Originally Posted by coretoonz View Post
I started cosplaying when I was 38... Yes 38. I'm turning 42 this year and I still cosplay. I'm a Graphic artist and most artist are a little weird, so my profession allows me to get away with it...I guess.
Regardless of your age or profession I say if you enjoy it and it makes you happy who cares what people think. Have fun! Be you...not what people expect you to be.
I'm a musician and I agree. I tell some of the people I work with if they are curious or stumble upon me reading manga. I like that it's partially a 'performance art', in that you have to look your best to get recognition in cosplay. I'm used to being on stage, although this is a bit better for me actually since I can deflect any negativity onto the character and it's not necessarily a reflection on me as a person.
I didn't start cosplaying until I was 22 I think? I've only been in it a little over a year and it's just amazing. I guess I'm lucky that my 'job' is mostly student right now, and my overall job once I get out of school is STILL going to be super flexible. Artists mingle with everyone in society, it's said, so we're good at I guess being understanding of the quirky people out there.
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