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Originally Posted by Larcenciel View Post
Anyone yelling out at a con anything that gets over-yelled.


"What time is it? ADVENTURE TIME" isn't so bad.....yet. I heard that yelled maybe twice or three times at Anime Boston, but they are PLAGUED with Marco Polo.
TBH the only acceptable yelling I have personally heard at a con was... someone cosplaying Black✰Star who did his whooping holler a few times in the dealers hall. It wasn't constant though and it was hilarious that they asked him to stop over the loud speakers and he just screamed that he was going to surpass God.
But like. If people CONTINUE to annoy others it's just. Bothersome no matter what fandom it's from.
And I agree with the above that most of the bad fans come out online. I had to quit RPing in the Kuroshitsuji fandom just from the drama. I got mad hate for having hetero ships that apparently got in the way of their pedo stuff. I don't really mind what you ship as long as you don't bitch at others. I don't really mind what you cosplay as long as you leave everyone alone.
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