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WTB: Gold Chains

I am in need of a lot of gold chain, but the chain has to have BIG links (like 3/4-1 inch links). I need around 5 yards worth, I don't care if it's all one piece or not as long as I could open the links and make them one long piece.

I know they make it as a decorative add-on for clothing and such, but none of the stores around me seem to have it. I don't know if maybe it's a seasonal thing? Or if it's just something my stores don't carry. I've also tried ebay and searching through google, and can't find anything through all of the other 'chain' items available to buy.

Also, I know they make o rings for chain mail, but I haven't been able to find anything over 1/2 an inch, so if anyone knows of a place I could get some 1" o rings, that would work too =P

EDIT: Actually, it doesn't HAVE to be gold, if all else fails I could just buy any color and paint it if needed.
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