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Originally Posted by Alice MacLeod
I am a MtF transgender and have found makeup is one of those things that i swear you need to be a rocket scientist to get right... and ironically I was one LOL Was a miserable one but one none the less. I managed to get the guts at Halloween to go over to a shoppers drug mart and get the cosmetician to actually show me how to do my face and what makeup is the right makeup so I don't look like a tranny or a clown that can be seen from orbit. They always wear way too much makeup if you ask me
Jeez, I commend your guts there. I could never do that. I was with a friend last night who knows how I am and it was nice. Out of nowhere, she was like "So.... if you ever go and see someone, I have no problem accompanying you the first day.... then maybe we can go out to eat. " .... Haha, she rocks. There was a CVS nearby too. I wonder what could have happened if I asked her to go in there with me. s:.... It's sad kinda. In our group of 6, there are three males (Including me, though I am TG) and two girls. Talking all biologically here. The guys, obviously not into makeup or such. The two other girls..... pretty tomboyish, both of them... and we are her only friends. It sort of makes me feel I could be her makeup buddy..... She tells me she goes on forums all the time to ask for advice or just to talk, and no one replies to her. I hope I can exceed enough that we can be really comfortable talking makeup with eachother. ):

Originally Posted by PSY-chan View Post
Eyebrow arc looks pretty good, however, there seems to be a heavy shadow from your real eyebrows. You may need to apply pink or peach concealer before your foundation. This will also help cancel out five o clock shadow.
I also recommend lip liner, as it will keep your lipstick tidier. You've improved from the first pictures, great job on that!
Thank ya muchly. =D.... Hoping ONLY to improve. .... I got some clip on bangs I cannot wait to try out next... then on the 18th, I am getting to try out colored contacts, so yep, moving along nicely. I figure once I get this all going, I can choose a cosplay and get this show on the road. =D

Anywho, lip liner..... got it. .... and pink/peach concealer, huh? Wouldn't happen to know where I could get that in a large amount for a decent price, would ya? And yeah, eyebrows suck. :/.... My friend said I should thread them online.... I dunno if she was serious, lmao. Talking with her yesterday, she randomly brought up that she had them threaded when we were talking and walking around Boston. I tried to carry the conversation on that on but yeah.

Anywho, thanks! Couldn't have done as much as I have done without any of you.
Animeboston Congoer.

Cosplay 1: Sailor Venus (Commissioner failed to make 4 month deadline)
Update: August 10th.... still nothing.

Reality: Recycled or no cosplay at all. Got to love commissioning! Thanks everyone!! Serious thanks to Dulcinea, who actually made the deadline for the accessories far in advance and of outstanding quality. Sucks they won't be used.
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