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I would be VERY careful with circle lenses! Having considered them myself (because they don't make colored contact lenses in my prescription), I did a bit of research on the safety because I'd heard all the warnings and vision is too precious to just do a handwave to.

I realize that a lot of the official positions on circle lenses may seem like scaremongering but it is not without merit and I do feel that circle/contact lens safety does go beyond "common sense" and "safe handling" of contact lenses, though those are also really important. The fit of the lens is also important but I'm not sure how much attention people pay to the parameters of diameter and base curvature -- it goes beyond just power. ;P I would also have the contacts brought back to whoever you go see so they can check the fit. It's similar to what they do when they fit you for contact lenses in the first place.

Unfortunately I'm not an ophthalmologist or optometrist so please don't take any of this as medical advice (because it's not :D)
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