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Originally Posted by Falclon View Post
Where is this guild and why am I not in it. *-*

I'm really happy how many people know about it too. I've only heard one person who didn't like it and that's because he hates all animes about video games. Thinks it's a "dumb concept."

Oh well, it really is a great show and it's silly to write it off because of a bias.

Can't wait to see your finished outfit and the wig. What wig did you get?
Lol the guild is called Apollyon and it's on the Eredon Terrace server. They're pretty cool people.

Yeah....that's a really dumb reason to not like something. =/ His loss!

I went with this one because I like the more natural color for her hair. I haven't gotten it yet but I will be sure to post pics as soon as I do!!

I'm actually making REALLY good progress. I finished my vest last night and I'm working on the bottom of the shirt (taking awhile because I have to make my own bias tape) but it's coming along nicely. When I finish the bias and sew the shirt together I'll post pics. It just won't have sleeves.
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