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Hey everyone long time no talk....ok it's only been a few weeks. Anyway i regret to inform all that my fiance and I will not be attending Otakon this year doing to some issues we are having. It's nothing major or anything. However zero_set_dai09 has offered to take over friday's shoot but can not do saturday's shoot. Would anyone be willing to take that one over or is one shoot ok?

Otakon 2015
Thursday- Pokemon ~ Espeon (gijinka)
Friday- Pokemon ~ Espeon (gijinka)
Saturday- Blazblue Chrono Phantasma ~ Noel Vermillion
Sunday- Pokemon ~ Espeon (gijinka)

If anyone is interested in a good role playing site my friend has a really good one. Please head here ......It's a Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy role playing site.
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