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From what I've seen in this thread you've already made a ton of progress!

I would say that one thing you're missing is blush! Your contouring looks great (Just be sure to blend it really well and not use too much.) But blush will really bring out your cheeks and in general make you look more feminine. Also you seem to use a lot of bright colors for your eye shadow and alot of it. I would suggest trying a more natural look. Like a light shimmery color or a brown color, it'll just be a different look, but it will be more natural. Not many women would wear that much eye shadow.

I also agree with what some people have said about using white eyeliner on your tear duct. I personally use white eye shadow in the corner of my eyes, it just makes your eyes look bigger and make you look more awake! (:

Another thing I noticed with your eyes was eyeliner! Eyeliner can work wonders especially if you're wearing falsies. I originally started wearing make-up for the stage. When you do that you get used to exsadurating all your features or else you look like you have no eyes. xD But I've found that it works very well for everyday wear as well. I used a liquid eyeliner to trace the top of my eye, then I add my lashes, then I go over again with eyeliner and make a more rounded shape with tapered ends. I think this would work well with your eyes, as well as liner on the bottom of your eye. (:

This image kind shows what I mean with the eyeliner shape.

This is just showing how much eyeliner can do... This is me with no make-up. This is me with make-up, mostly on the eyes (Light eye shadow, eyeliner, white liner, lashes, mascara, blush.) I mean personally I feel like I look completely different. So my point is eyeliner and eye make-up done right is a huge helper! (:

I agree with what some people have said about adding bangs. It will make your hair cut look more feminine. (:

And last is the eyebrows. I personally don't do anything with my eyebrows and I think you could do the same. But if you wanted to make them look thinner maybe try only using the glue on part of them (so leaving the line you want to be shown exposed. Then do your covering technique on the other parts then use mascara to go over the exposed area. (:
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