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Originally Posted by Arceus2072 View Post
It takes time, so wait a while! xD

Anyway, I'll be there for the Dragon Ball shoot as SSJ Bardock from Episode of Bardock, last year at A-Kon, I was the long haired one(non SSJ one), but at A-Fest day 2 I was SSJ. Think you can make a facebook event of it? I'd like to invite some of my DBZ cosplay friends, there's a Future Trunks, Goku, another Goku(he's also Future Gohan and Great Saiyaman), and a Vegeta.
i am going to make one when we get a time i am going to make one for all 3 just working on times now what time will be good for you ?

Originally Posted by Zaiten View Post
Let's see.. I have a joke Bakura cosplay though by then it may be a real one. I'm also a Marth! I need to repair my armor from Ikkicon and touch up a few things, but I may bring him along. I'm really not 100% sure on what I'll be making/bringing, I'm very indecisive when making decisions for cosplay alone.
For yugioh i think we will have a few but right now so fair only me so the mroe the better for smash brothers we have me and a mario so fair so yea ^_^
i have a lerning disbalaity so Please Bare With Me

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